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les felins

Les Félins

The most hydratant and moisturizer cream with quick penetration with sensation of skin air condition for a duration of minimum 6 hours.

Homecare moisturizing cream quick skin penetration daily and night use.

Ingredients List

  • aqua (water)

  • rosa moschata (musk rose) oil

Specific Indications

  • Restores an appropriate balance in terms of hidration

  • Restores an appropriate balance in terms of olfactory sensation

  • Rehidrates the skin after any peeling or acid

  • Rehidrates the skin after sun exposure

  • Rehidrates the skin on smokers

  • Rehidrates the skin after abuse of alcohol 

  • Hides the unpleasant smell after post alcoholic beverage consumation


no desquamation

For which phototypes can it be applied ?

Topographic Categories : Face Cream, Body Cream, Hands Cream, Feets Cream
Anti Aging Product