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Peel SuperStar

Cindirella Effect Cosmetic-Peel .
This product wont treat your skin but will just make you loose 10-15 to max 20 years of appearance as will hide all your imprefections for a short period between 24-48 hours.

Ingredients List

  • Rosa Moschata ( Musk Rose) Oil

  • Methionine

  • Aqua ( Water)

  • BHA

  • Magnesium Sulfate

  • Sorbic Acid

  • Tocopherol

  • Triethyl Citrate

Specific Indications

  • This product is mostly convenient for artists, speakers,journalists,conferencists , giving a talk or lecture to many people.
  • The effect duration is minimum 24 hours to maximum 36 hours.
  • This product acts as an intense  lifting-peeling of the face fo whom stays under the lights of a scene to hide all skin imperfections as signs of age.




For which phototypes can it be applied ?

Topographic Areas : Face Cream
Anti Aging Product

Some Results

Results after 24 hours

peel-superstar-result-after 24h
  • skin imperfections disappear ( more visible on the zoom)

Zoom on the Results after 24 hours

  • periocular wrinkles disappeared
  • skin imperfections disappeared