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rose du desert

Rose du Désert

Moisturizer COLD cream with quick penetration giving a  sensation of skin air condition for a duration of minimum 6 hours.

Rose du Désert is a cold cream cosmetic preparation which can be applied on face, body, limbs, hands, feet ...

The name Rose du Désert is given because of the cooling effect as a rose in a desert,acting like a natural air conditioning on the skin.

Ingredients List





Specific Indications

  • Cold Cream

  • Anti Inflammatory

  • Thermoregulator

  • Attenuation of Perspiration

  • Reduces Edema after Treatments by Injectables

  • Reduces Edema after Treatments using Threads

  • Keeps the skin fresh and cold during hot seasons

  • Post Sauna Skin Treatment

  • Calms sunburns

  • Post Hot Shower Skin Treatment

  • Comfort Treatment to keep the body fresh and cool before exposure to hot temperatures

  • Hides bad smells on intime areas

  • Comfort Cream on Intime Areas before and after sex


no desquamation

For which phototypes can it be applied ?

Topographic Categories : Face Cream, Body Cream, Hands Cream, Feets Cream
Anti Aging Product