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Protocol Peeling de Luxe
suggested by Mauro Tiziani


  • How to clean the skin

    The skin should always be cleaned with tca  8% w/w not buffered or Rose du désert.

    Do not use other products than those prescribed here in the protocol, and this also applies to treatments performed at home by the patient himself.

    TCA 8% for MD- Rose du Désert for Patients
  • Applying Peeling de Luxe

    After having disinfected with tca or rose du desert, wait for everything to dry completely, and then proceed with the drafting of the peeling de luxe on the face and neck, generally two shots of the product must be taken from the dispenser. Leave for 15 minutes. The product has an energetic physical mechanism on the epidermis and influences regeneration in the basal layer, maintaining cellular homeostasis, with apoptotic selectivity. It selects that part that is still healthy and resists external attacks, while destroying the part of cells damaged by external agents .

  • Applying 30 min Peel Off

    We then proceed with the Peel off, which is a mask that should be extended over the face and neck, evenly, and so that the layer is quite thick, given that the Peeling de Luxe peeling tends to consume the product. And then leave it to act for about 45 minutes

  • Removal

    Remove delicately so that all the product substrate, dead cells and dirt are removed evenly

1 st Conclusions

  • About 30 min Peel Off

    30 min peel off serves to trigger a thermodynamic reaction.

    By putting order and cleanliness in the tissues, where what remains is only what is useful to the entire regenerative mechanism, without useless material that hinders the same dynamic metabolism.

Lipoic Acid

  • Maintenance

    Conclude with lipoic acid, which amplifies all the energy and thermodynamic effects already explained up to here. Finally, this cream must be delivered to the client, so that she can continue the treatment at home. I recommend lipoic acid in the evening and papaya cream during the day

In Case of Spots

  • Clarté de Lune

    But if the patient had spots on her face, then instead of the papaya cream I would recommend the clarté de lune (which has melatonin as an active ingredient). The indications for this treatment are immense, anti aging, to improve the quality and appearance of the epidermis, anti-acne, anti-blemishes, for those who live in rather polluted environments… In short, we have created a standard protocol, suitable for different situations.

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